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Welcome to our updated Sales Portal.

Please be aware all work on this site is covered by Copyright. We have and will prosecute anyone who steals any image from this site.

The site is broken into several categories.

Commercial Clients is for contracted work. All areas are password protected and are only available to registered clients with allocated passwords. If you are not logged in you may not see all relevant galleries.

All other categories are not secured by password, but you must be registered to purchase any image. Please remember you are only purchasing a right to use the image. You do not have exclusive rights to it. If you wish to purchase exclusive use please let us know. I am sure we can come to a negotiated price.

Papua New Guinea Christian Community Services is an NGO based in Port Moresby supported by this company. It houses and trains abandoned kids as well as working in communities developing women's rights and personal development. They are also involved in AIDS support and awareness training. For more information www.pngccs.org